With us healthier is tastier and here is why

When you choose to get a take away it’s because you want to just eat. It’s not known by most but fish and chips is one of the healthiest take away options already , with fish really being brain food and providing you with vitamins c , b6 , b12, zinc , omega 3 , iron and calcium.

When we set up the fishermans kitchen we decided it was at the top of our list to make everything from scratch with fresh quality ingredients to add to the already established health benefits of fish and chips.

Of course when setting up a good local chippy , perfecting our home made beer batter and making our own home cut chips using local potato’s was essential, but for us the sauces were important to get right too. Gary Moreton-Jones owner/chef

Our ethos is to look at the classics the chip shop industry has given us over the last 100 years and take those classics into the next 100 years of fish and chip shops.

We started with that chip shop classic – chip shop curry sauce

We looked at what was on the market, and for us going down the powdered just add water route really wasn’t for us.

When we looked at chip shop curry sauce it’s is generally made from powder and came with descriptions like –

Product Code: GC76

A golden yellow coloured fruity curry mix, with an original spicy flavour. This product comes complete with sultanas.

Usage: Add 200g of mix to 1 litre of water, bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes.

Storage: In a cool dry place.

Shelf Life: 365 days !!

-with an ingredient list that read like this – INGREDIENTS

Starch(maize),sugar(sulphur dioxide)modified starch( maize) shredded beef suet(wheatflour), wheat flour,salt,textured soya protein,spices(including celery and mustard),dried onion,sultanas,hydrolysed vegetable protein(soya),tomato paste,flavour enhancer(E621),rusk(wheat flour,water,salt,raising agent(E503),anti-caking agent(E341)chilli powder

Obviously this doesn’t fit with our fresh food ethos ,so with our team of chefs we developed our own chip shop curry sauce to be delicious and nutritious and loaded with fresh vegetables 🌶🌿🍠🥕The fishermans kitchens chip shop curry sauce is home made and packed full of vegetables. Our ingredients list reads more like this -sweet potato ,coconut milk , fennel , onions , lemon grass, chilli, lime , fresh ginger and fresh garlic, turmeric , cumin , spices with vitamin c , vitamin b1 , vitamin b2 , vitamin b6 , potassium

With the fennel and garlic helping to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

We are getting great feed back from our curry sauce and people are loving that it is classed as one of their 5 a day – with reviews on trip advisor like “amazing curry sauce” “game changer” “not your usual chippy” “best chippy in Hampshire” “best ever chip shop curry sauce”

We think we have got it right and over the packet powdered alternative we think this healthy chip shop curry sauce has so much more flavour ,

What do you think ? Is fresh health curry sauce the way forward ? Please comment below

If there is anything you would like to know about the health benefits of the fishermans kitchen , please let us know.

Our next blog – how our potato’s get from the ground to you


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